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Brand Overhaul

are you ready to elevate your brand vision?

Over the years we have become experts in not only branding but creating immersive digital experiences. With our background in photography, product development and strategy, we are here to curate the vision of all of our clients and bring their dreams to life. Not only do we help our clients manifest their digital brand experiences but physical ones as well, through our interior design services for their brick and mortar locations as well. If you have a vision, we can make it reality.

Social Media Marketing 25%
Interior Design + Photography 50%
Brand Design + Strategy 75%
Visionary Ideas 100%

What exactly is this brand overhaul? Well, it is a full service immersive re-branding experience that caters to elevating your brand vision. From logo design to product photography we are here to help you create a brand that stands out and stands the test of time. 

What is included? This service includes logo design, brand strategy, brand color selection based on color psychology, product packaging development, product photography and web design. Truly a full service branding experience.

what’s included:

Logo design

This is our bread and butter, we own the logo design space because we know that it takes to create unique long lasting brands that translate to any industry or service.

Brand strategy

When it comes to branding, a vision is nothing without a plan. Lucky you we know how to curate a vision and create an award winning plan to implement it. 

Brand Color Selection

Every brand needs a little embellishment and there is no better way to do that than with color. We have studied color psychology and understand the ins and outs of what it takes to create the perfect palette. 

Packaging Development

Whether you are a CPG brand or a cosmetics company one of the first things your customers see is your packaging. Our goal is to create a packaging system that helps you stand out on the shelves as well as promote social media worthy sharing of your product. Let’s be honesty, we love good packaging.

Product Photography

We are art directors and we know that right now images are king. We have curated shoots for many well known brands and retailers. We offer Ecommerce photo solutions, 360 images and campaign photo direction.

Web Design

Your business needs a website and our modern minimalist style is very on target with industry standards. We are architects of digital experiences that make your customers want to come to your site and stay there for hours, and that’s what we all want. The right web presence promotes a purchase, let us help you get them to checkout and check you out.

Color Strategy

There is a science to color, especially when it comes to branding. We see so often that our clients choose colors based on what they like and not what compliments their product or industry. Our goal is to make sure our clients compete on the high-end modern luxury side of their business. We have researched, and spent many hours on designing the perfect recipe for color strategy.

  1. Mood and Motion
  2. Color Complements
  3. Visual Color Translation
  4. Industry Standards
  5. Breaking The Rules Effectively
  6. Cognitive Color Science